Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sorority Scrapbook Embellishments

At this time the sorority scrapbook paper is still available.


Since almost everybody is making or is planning to make a scrapbook to remember her sorority, I thought you might be looking for some help. The following images show scrapbook sorority embellishment packs for Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Delta Pi, and Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Update on 4-20-09
I am so sorry. I just checked and it doesn’t appear that this seller on eBay is offering the Greek Scrapbook Sets at this time. Hopefully, it is just temporary. These are such great sets!

These die cut papers are a timesaver, but there is no reason not to make your own if you have the time. Just pick out some scrapbooking papers in the colors and patterns of your choice. Use a pencil and a ruler to lightly sketch off your letters. Then cut them out and adhere to your scrapbook page.


sororityspiritcolors said...

I just saw some of my scrap sacks on your blog. I just did not have time to continue selling on ebay. I still have tons of scrap sacks available. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Sorority Sisters said...

Thanks, Karen for your comment. Now anyone who wants a sorority scrapbook pack can check with you through your email about ordering. Thanks for posting this information for the readers of Sorority Sisters blog.

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