Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sew Greek Letters on Bag for Unique Sorority Gift

This Delta Zeta bag was made by simply adding the Delta Zeta letters to a premade bag. The letters are cut out of hot pink fabric with a layer of Stitch Witchery cut out at the same time to back the letters. Stitch Witchery is not the only brand name of fusible bonding material that you can buy at any fabric store. It is fairly inexpensive and is perfect for appliqueing letters on fabric.

To set the fabric letters (with bonding underneath), lay a sheet of paper over the letters, and then iron the letters firmly with the iron set on WOOL. The paper is to protect the iron from the bonding if any of it hangs out from behind the letters.

Gently remove the paper from the letters after ironing them on.

Now I am ready to sew. I set my machine for ZigZag and short stitches and sew around each letters with matching or complementary thread. On this Delta Zeta bag, I used matching thread, but I like to use black thread sometime to make the applique really stand out.

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Have any of you appliqued Greek letters on a tote bag or some other item?
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