Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delta Gamma Gifts-Make a Sorority Bucket

Delta Gamma Handpainted Bucket

Here is a fairly easy idea for a special Delta Gamma gift. This particular container is a bucket, but you could paint similar Delta Gamma designs (or any other sorority design) and make a little sister or big sister gift that shows you car. I didn't paint this bucket; it is on eBay this week, but a little expensive. If I wanted to paint a sorority bucket like this, I would use enamel paint which is usually available beside the acrylic paint in the craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels...probably Walmart, too. I always draw my pattern first on paper and then use graphite paper (also available at Craft stores) to transfer (trace) the pattern onto the bucket.

Then comes the painting which is my favorite part. Good paint brushes are essential for good results. You should have at least two paintbrushes...a fine liner for detail and a wider brush, either flat or round for fill in painting of the bigger.

The letters in the Delta Gamma pail above are painted with more detail. They are fill painted with pink, outlined with thin black, and highlighted with a light pink. Black lining the edge of the pink letters is a good way to cover up little mistakes. Believe me, I know.

The flowers are pretty basic shapes for painting. If you have the paint colors that you need you can use the picture as a guideline for painting something similar.

Always think of how you can make an idea design...your own, by changing it up with your own ideas. Making your own gifts is fun and the fact that you make a gift, makes it mean more to the recipient. If you can ever make time for it, creating your own sorority gifts is the way to go.

for general personalizing---
If you have had a little practice, you can use a flat brush that is the width that you want your letters (spelling Delta Gamma - or another sorority). A quality flat brush makes painting letters fairly easy. --some day I need to make videos to show how--

(Please note that photo above is a screen grab from
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