Thursday, January 29, 2009

Make a Sorority Scrapbook with Greek Scrapbook Paper

Custom Designed Sorority Scrapbook Papers

(added 9-10-09: SORRY! these scrapbook papers are not available now.)

I will leave the pictures on this page just for scrapbook inspiration. They are very beautiful and may give you some ideas. See other sorority scrapbook ideas.








Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorority Mascot Cutouts-Delta Gamma Anchor

Delta Gamma Anchor

I have found the cutouts pictured here in an eBay shop called the Texas Art Craft Store. They have a wide selection of wooden cutouts. Type your mascot in the store search box to locate the cut outs you need.

There are also wooden cutouts available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels, however, the selection is limited. The craft stores usually offers turtles, frogs, ladybugs, lions, butterflies, and some of the other mascots. The neat thing about these cutouts is they are prepainted and they are really cute. If you haven't seen them yet, see if you can find them the next time you are in a large craft store like the ones mentioned above.

Use acrylic paints and a quality art paint brush to color the wooden cutouts. Then you can use them for any number of gift ideas!....

Phi Mu Lion or Alpha Delta Pi Lion

Paint a bunch of your wooden mascots to make gift tags that will be treasured and saved. They also make very special Christmas ornaments to represent your sorority. It is easy to glue both ends of a loop of ribbon to the cutout to make a pretty way to hand it up.

Alpha Epsilon Phi Giraffes

Glue your handpainted mascot cutout on the front of a scrapbook to make a custom designed scrapbook. You can also decorate a journal or any notebook to make it represent your sorority.

Delta Delta Delta Dolphins

Chi Omega Owl

Concerning Texas Art Craft Store on eBay:
These are so inexpensive and fun to decorate that you will enjoy thinking of friends to give them to.

Buy them in quantity to save money when you need to make more than one gift. They come in different sizes from small to large so you can choose according to your needs.

You might be interested to know that Texas Art Craft Store has very reasonalbe shipping charges when you order in quantity.
  • They automatically combine shipping and the shipping charge is PER SHIPMENT-Not PER Item.
  • Whether you buy one item or a thousand items from their auctions and/or their ebay store, the total shipping charge is ONLY 3.00.
  • They pay everything over 3.00.
  • Just don't pay after each item; click on the "continue shopping" button and your order will be combined when you finish shopping.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Delta Zeta Sorority Crafts-Wooden Turtle Cutouts

Make a Delta Zeta Turtle magnet for your FRIG.

Wooden cutouts for crafting are usually available at craft stores or online.

Paint a batch of turtles and use them to make Christmas ornaments, gift tags (that will be saved). Glue one in the center of a scrapbook front cover to make a custom designed scrapbook. IN the same way, you can decorate a journal or any notebook to make it represent your sorority.

These are so inexpensive and fun to decorate that you will enjoy thinking of friends to give them to.

Delta Zeta Sorority-Make Handpainted Turtle Magnets

Need some surprises to give your little sister this semester? Consider making your own sorority gifts like these sorority mascot magnets shown above. These are easy and require very few materials. You can turn out a bunch in a short amount of time.

Directions are posted at our new Sorority Magnets page.

These sorority magnets are so much fun to make. The samples are made for Delta Zeta, but you can adapt for any mascot and Greek letters.

Look at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Anns, and usually what you need is at Walmart where you can find whatever need for this project. (40% Off the Regular Price of One Item at (Code: DECA840)

Other Delta Zeta Crafts

Other Sorority Gifts that you can make

Woodsie Multi-Pack

Woodsie Multi-Pack Diamonds 135/pkg: The following turned wood shapes represent the best of their kind. They have many uses, including embellishments, miniatures, bazaar crafting and wood quilting. * Choose from a variety of styles * Easy to use * Great for most crafting projects"

40% Off the Regular Price of One Item at (Code: DECA840)

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