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Greek Afghans-Coupon

Sorority Afghans-code for discount

(SALE no longer in effect: see end of post for new sale items at Greek Gear- 9-10-09)

Greek Gear is still having a sale on fraternity & sorority afghans. (as of April 9, 2009) Now is the time to get yours while the price is low. These Greek afghans incorporate your sorority crest in the design. They can be hung on your wall or actually used as a throw blanket.

Enter the word “Afghan10″ in the coupon field at checkout and $10 will automatically be deducted from your Greek Afghan purchase. (One coupon per order, per purchase.) You can click on the image below to get a closer look:

Stay Warm with a Sorority Blanket

Added Sept 10, 2009:

SORRY, I just checked and this sale is over. Right now there is a coupon code for free shipping from Greek Gear. Free Standard Shipping Today. Use Coupon Code "ILOVEGREEKGEAR"

Also, the high quality HOODIES at Greek Gear have been on sale with coupon code.

Enter the word "Hoodie" in the coupon field at checkout and Greek Gear will automatically deduct $10 from your Greek Lettered Hoodie purchase if the sale is still in effect.

The folks at Greek Gear didn't give an ending date for this sale, but they did say that the offer will expire soon! hurry if you want to order a hoodie with this discount code.

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Hooded Sweatshirts carries any sorority or fraternity sweatshirt that you need!

Here are the Alpha Chi Omega and Chi Omega hoodies, the classic sorority letter sweatshirts. As the temperatures are dropping, you will feel warm and cozy in a soft fleece hoodie. They are made of low shrink fleece that is extra heavy . Greek Gear’s hoodies are unisex so they run large for women. Ordering a smaller size will be a better fit.

A great advantage of ordering from Greek Gear is the shipping deal. You just can’t beat their $5.95 shipping especially for a big!! order. Buy all you need at once and save on shipping. SEE BELOW for more details.

Greek Gear offers two shipping options to their customers: Standard and Premium.

Standard $5.95 Shipping – this option will enable Greek Gear to ship your order in the“best way,” choosing the most suitable means (USPS, UPS) to get your order to you. Upon COMPLETED order processing, your shipment will usually get to you within 5-7 days with the Standard option.

Premium Shipping – Within 2-3 days upon COMPLETED order processing. Once they complete the order , they will then have your order to you within 2-3 days. Premium prices will vary based on destination and weight. Take a look at Greek Gear for everything Greek!

Chi Omega Merchandise

Owls for Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega Merchandise

Submit Your Handmade Sorority Gift Photo

Have you made your little sister a sorority gift? or your big sister? Get out your digital camera and take a picture. Send it to me so it can be considered for a blog post. Share your good ideas. Show the world your creation. Connect to Sorority Sisters with your ideas. I would love to hear from you!! Send pictures or links to pictures to:

Sorority Notebooks- With a little bit of painting, make a cherished sorority notebook or scrapbook album

Matted Sorority Picture- Takes a 5 x 7 mat, paper and paint

Sorority Magnets– Acrylic paint makes creative sorority magnets

Sorority Greeting Cards– Easy-as-pie greeting cards for sorority sisters

More Sorority Greeting Cards Instructions- Another greeting card idea

ADII Sorority Candy Tin– Recycle a container into a cute sorority gift container

Sorority Letter Pillows- Precious Greek Letter pillow

Mascot Instructions– Turn a simple plush animal into your sorority mascot with this easy to make ribbon necklace.

Iron On Greek Letters Source for iron-on letters and ideas for using them.

Sorority Tote from Tee Shirt

Simple directions to help you make a letter tote from a tee shirt

How to Make a sorority picture frame (Delta Zeta)-Another easy acrylic paint project

AKA Frog Christmas Ornament– Make great Christmas ornaments with prepainted cutouts from craft store

Sorority Gift Baskets- Use scrapbooking paper & ribbon to embellish a basket

Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters- If you can sew a little, try this

Sorority Hat- This is cute and fun to wear!

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