Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorority Craft: Gift Baskets for Little or Big

Make your little sister a sorority gift basket and fill it with anything you like to make it more special.

You can use any basket for this idea, but chipped wood baskets work particularly well.
The colorful liner for the basket is made from a scrap of fabric. The tag is made from acid free scrapbooking cardstock.
Be creative with your tag. It can be as simple as your Greek letters applied with a marker, or you can use the idea above.... using your mascot as your design.

Tag Design Ideas:
1. Rubber stamp of mascot or sorority flower colored with pastel pencils
2. Sticker of your mascot, symbol, or flower
3. Cut out your mascot, symbol, or flower from a greeting card that you have saved
4. Draw and paint your own design

It doesn't take long to make your tag, and if you mess up, just start over

Scrapbooking Tools, Supplies & More all at

Basket Tag Idea for Chi Omega or Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Sister

Basket Tag Idea for Phi Mu or Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Sister

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Greek Bid Day & Rush

Remembering special sorority days and events is easier when you make a sorority scrapbook. A great variety of scrapbook papers, die cuts, stickers and much more are available at most crafts stores; however, finding specific Greek embellishments is often more difficult. You could make them yourself, but if you are in a hurry, a bag of Greek Embellishments can be a terrific time saver. I am not sure how widely available they are, but I have found some that might be what you need.

Bid Day/Rush/Go Greek Scrap Sack Cut-outs include: rectangle wavy frame, rectangle scallop frame, rectangle "outside" frames, filmstrip frame, journal tags, T-shirts, small camera frames, medium captions, swirls, RUSH (2" Circus letters), BID DAY (Shadowbox - double layer letters, pink and black), GO GREEK (Shadowbox - double layer letters, white and tropical), 2007. Unless otherwise noted, cut-outs are in "Tropical" colors of lime green, orange, turquoise, pink, sunny yellow; white and black.

Contains approximately 56 cut-outs.

Use for scrapbooks, bulletin boards, and posters.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorority Sunglasses- Delta Gamma

Just a quick post to share with you a link to sorority sunglasses.

With the sun's rays at their brightest, we all need to sunglasses for protection. With these glasses you can have protection and style.

The photo below shows a pair of Delta Gamma sunglasses, but this Ebay seller carries most sororities in their sunglasses line. Take a look and see if your sorority's sunglasses are offered.

They sell on ebay for $19.99 and you get free shipping.

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