Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pi Beta Phi -Paint a Sorority Gift Container

Pi Beta Phi sorority has an angel. Well actually, their mascot is an angel. This handpainted container turned out so cute. I found this at a sale (sorry, I didn't paint it myself). I really love the whimsical style of the Pi Beta Phi angel.

The box is not in perfect shape. You can see some scratches where something scratched the paint in a few places. Still, it is hand painted and darling. Check Sorority Gifts Etsy to see if it is available. It may be grabbed in a hurry so I apologize if it is gone when you check.

For those of you who like to make your own sorority gifts, this idea is inspiring - find a nice container and paint your mascot encircled with your Greek letters. It makes a fine sorority gifts that has a personal touch.
Notice how the Greek letters have a shadow painted behind the main color. This is a painting technique that is easy, but gives letters a more professional look - the touch of an artist.

What ideas do you have for handmade sorority gifts. Add a link to your creative sorority gift photo on my Sorority Sisters Facebook or your blog. Let us see.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alpha Omicron Pi Panda Pillow Gift

This Alpha Omicron Pi pillow is one of the selection of custom handmade sorority pillows available on Etsy. I just finished an AOPi order last week and it turned out almost like this one. Since the sorority pillows are handmade they are unique. The ribbon may be different on one than on another. The painted panda or sorority mascot may have some differences because of that human tendency to individualize, not like factory produced sorority merchandise.

Making your own sorority gifts is a great way to make an especially meaning little sister or big sister sorority present that you put your own self into in time and love. You will be surprised at the creativity that you will discover when you decide to make your own sorority gifts.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inexpensive Sorority Gifts

Inexpensive Sorority Gifts -quick and easy greek gift for little of big sisters.

Here's a quick sorority gift idea for making an easy sorority notebook.  All you need is a colorful portfolio notebook or folder and acrylic paint to whip up one of these in no time flat!

Look for a notebook that represents one of your sorority colors. Find inspiration from an image that is not too difficult to draw and paint. I like to do a search on Google Images or Etsy for the sorority mascot or sorority symbol. Usually, I can find several good ideas to choose from these. I just print off a copy of the image that I like and adapt it to my needs, really making my own design that is inspired by the image. The great thing about creating your own sorority design is that your gift item is one of a kind, even the painting or drawing is your creation.

Sorority notebooks are a great place to stash all the sorority sheets that you need to keep up with, so make one for yourself and one for your little sister.  These also make great inexpensive sorority Christmas gifts if you want to give gifts to a lot of your sisters. is a great resource for other inexpensive and handmade sorority gifts.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Add a Handmade Card to Your Sorority Gift

There is one more thing you need to do to give extra special sorority gifts this year. It's all in the words of friendship that express the sentiment of sorority sisterhood. When you want to give your little sister a special gift this year, remember that a handmade card with an appropriate meaningful message can express much more than any sorority gift. You can find many sorority quotes, poems, and sayings that will give you some ideas at Like the one on sisterhood shown in the image above.

Just head to your craft store or even to Wmart to get a few sheets of beautiful scrapbook paper that suit your colors and you are ready to create a gorgeous card with a little glue and some scissors. Taking time to make a card is SOOOO worth it.

You Are My Sister...

We laugh together,
or we cry together.
You are there for me.
I know that I am not alone
Because I have a sister who stands
with me through thick and thin.
Our bond is greater than a friendship.
You are more than my friend.
We are united through a sisterhood
that is wide and deep.
We are forever Sisters!

Do you have a great sorority quote or poem? The comment section is waiting for yours.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sorority Easter Eggs

Photo from Etsy shop GreektoMe

Celebrate Easter with personalized Easter eggs with your own Greek letters. I just love this bright basket set created by another talented crafter and offered on Etsy. 
Since plain plastic eggs are available everywhere right now, try your hand at making your own Greek letter eggs. It is so much fun to make your own sorority gifts!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little/Big Sorority Gifts? Unique Sorority Sisters Pillow Made for You

Need a Sorority Gift? See these cute Sorority Sisters handpainted pillows
You can order a unique, handpainted sorority pillow at Etsy Sorority Gifts.

If you have been thinking about ordering a custom designed sorority pillow, don't delay because I get quite busy with everything this time of year. Remember, I will need three days not including the weekend to get your pillow painted and sewn, and then you need to allow a few days for the USPS to get it delivered to you after I mail it. I ship my pillows by First Class mail which is usually about at quick as Priority.

My handmade hand painted sorority pillows have evolved over the years since I first started making them for sorority sisters at Georgia Southern in 1981. I still enjoy making them, even creating a new design for a sorority that I haven't had an order for before. I just got my first order for Kappa Delta Chi with the Penguin mascot. I'll be making that pillow on Monday.

The last new design sorority pillow order was for Delta Alpha Sigma.

 This Alpha Chi Omega pillow was ordered by a mother for her daughter. I enjoyed painted the lyre and I really like the way the pillow turned out.

Another owl mascot pillow I made for Kappa Kappa Gamma.

I still enjoy painting the pillows and sewing them together, even creating new designs for sororities that I haven't yet made a custom design. I just got my first order for a Kappa Delta Chi with the Penguin mascot. I'll be making that pillow for her on Monday.

Don't forget to visit my main website for unique sorority gift ideas. Look at the Sorority Crafts page or the Sorority Quotes page for lots of ideas.
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