Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sigma Kappa Sorority Paddle

Sorority Paddle, originally uploaded by Rachel René.

Sorority Paddles are still around though some frown upon them. Since they are for decorative and gift purposes only, I don't see why any should object.

Anyway, isn't this a beautifully decorated ? The sorority sister that made this, designed it around the theme, "Painting the Roses Red" Since Sigma Kappa's symbols are hearts and doves along with maroon and lavender as its colors, the design features all came together in the theme based paddle. She commented, "The paddle was very hard to take pictures of as I coated it in glitter and it was late afternoon but I think this picture turned out alright. :)"

I love the paintbrush full of red paint.....what a great touch? The 3D dove and rose at the top really set it all off.

Thanks to Rachel Rene for her Flickr picture of this Sigma Kappa paddle.

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