Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorority Christmas Ornaments - Phi Mu, Alpha Delta Pi Lion

Make this simple lion Christmas ornament for your sorority sisters!

Materials needed:

Pre-painted wooden lion (or other sorority mascot)
A small wooden shape from a pack of Woodsies
Your sorority colors in acrylic paint
10 inches of matching ribbon
Elmers glue

Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry many wooden cutouts for about fifty cents each (less when they are on sale). Some of the cutouts that are available are gators, frogs, lions (above), crowns, bears, ladybugs, butterflies, etc. Likewise, Woodsies which are small wooden shapes are sold at craft stores.

Quick & easy directions for sorority ornament:

1. Paint a woodsie shape with your main sorority color (as blue & pink above)

2. When paint dries, carefully paint your Greek Letters on the woodsie shape (as white above)

3. When paint dries, glue shape wherever you like on your lion

4. When glue dries, turn ornament over and attach ends of ribbon to ornament with glue. I put a heavy glob of glue about 1/8" diameter. Adhere the ribbon ends in the blob of glue and let the glue globs dry for a 1/2 hour or so. (The glue dries clear)

Christmas is months away, but in order to enjoy the holidays, plan and make your Christmas gifts early this year. Making gifts for your sorority sisters is fun and easy.

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