Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beautiful Phi Mu Creed

The Phi Mu Creed

To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand. To think of God as a protector and guide of us all. To keep forever sacred the memory of those we have loved and lost. To be to others what we would they would be to us. To keep our lives gentle, merciful and just, Thus being true to the womanhood of love.

To walk in the way of honor, guarding the purity of our thoughts and deeds. Being steadfast in every duty small or large. Believing that our given word is binding. Striving to esteem the inner man above culture, wealth or pedigree. Being honorable, courteous, tender, Thus being true to the womanhood of honor.

To serve in the light of truth avoiding egotism, narrowness, and scorn. To give freely of our sympathies. To reverence God as our Maker, striving to serve Him in all things. To minister to the needy and unfortunate. To practice day by day love, honor, truth. Thus keeping true to the meaning, spirit and reality of Phi Mu.

A Hand Made Phi Mu Basket for Your Little Sis

Here is another easy handcrafted sorority gift item. The above example is for Phi Mu, but any sorority can make a personalized basket gift.

All you need is:

  • A basket
  • Some colored cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • A picture of your mascot or symbol
  • Glue
  • A hole puncher.

Easy as Pie and cute, too!

Handmade Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters

Most letters are easy to form with ribbon. Make a unique handmade gift for your little sister or your big sister. You will need:

2 yards of ribbon in your sorority color
Stitch witchery- an iron-on bonding material (available from fabric departments & stores)
2 fabric squares (10" X 10" is a good size)
Fiberfil Stuffing

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  • 1. Form your letters with the ribbon. Fold or cut the ribbon to get the right shapes and turns. Just work at it until you like it.
  • 2. Cut out stitch witchery to fit behind the ribbon letters.
  • 3. Position the letters (with the stitch witchery underneath) in the center of one of your fabric squares.
  • 4. Set the iron on wool (medium heat). Place a piece of paper on top of your design. Iron the letters (through the paper) about 30 seconds. Let the the fabric cool before peeling the paper off. Check the letters to make sure they are securely bonded to the pillow fabric. You may need to repeat the ironing process. If the stitch witchery doesn't cover every spot, that's OK. Just so most of it is bonded.
  • 5. To construct your pillow, pin right sides together. Sew around the square leaving an opening for turning the pillow right side out.
  • 6. After turning right side out, stuff the pillow with fiberfil. Close pillow opening with a whip stitch.

There!! A Unique Handmade gift for your Chi Omega little sister or your big sister.

Making gifts is so much more fun than buying!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Decorated Sorority Candy Jar: Fun & Easy to Make

A decorated jar of candy always makes a welcome sorority gift. This is such an easy way to express your love and friendship for your little sister. Also, sorority candy jars are easy to make in quantity if you need several gifts.

1. Find or buy a jar.
Both of the jars in the picture came from my kitchen. The jar on the left is a canning jar and the one on the right previously held apple sauce.

2. Use your jar top as a template to draw a circle of the right size on art paper.

3. Draw a simple sorority design inside the circle OR if you like to use rubber stamps, buy one of your sorority mascot. I used a teddy bear stamp for Kappa Delta and a lion stamp for Phi Mu. Most craft stores carry a good selection of stamps. Be on the lookout for your perfect mascot stamp. After inking your stamp, press stamp firmly in the center of your drawn circle. When the ink is dry, color the design lightly with colored pencils (I like Primacolor, but any brand will do)

4. Cut out the circle. Glue to the top of the jar or if you are using a canning jar, insert on top of the seal and under the screwed on ring.

5. Beautiful ribbon is easy to find in solid colors or patterns like the pink and white stripe for Phi Mu in the picture above. Ribbon of a coordinating color tied in a neat bow tops off the candy jar. Check for ribbon and for all your sewing and craft needs:CLICK HERE

There! You have made a ready gift.

Greek Impressions is a small online company that offers beautiful stamps. Take a look at what Malia and Mai offer on their site: giraffes, anchors, squirrels, owls, turtles, penguins, and so many others. They would love to have your input as they decide on future designs.
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