Saturday, September 29, 2007

Delta Zeta Design- Handmade Gift Idea

A new Delta Zeta design. I incorporated the turtle into the Greek "D".

Decorating plastic items is easy with paint pens. The pens are made to adhere to surfaces that regular paint would scratch off of. With a little practice, you can decorate almost any item and make it into a personalized gift. You have to try it.

Handcrafted gifts are more special anyway because you are giving of yourself. Also, it's fun and saves you a lot of money. Factory made sorority gifts can be very expensive.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Delta Sigma Theta Handpainted Elephant

This bright-eyed little elephant is handpainted on a hang-up pillow saying, "a Delta Sigma Theta lives here!" I only have one or two of these left and will not be making more.

Sorority mascots are uniquely tied to the sorority that they represent. Here are some elephant ideas for you Delta Sigma Theta sisters:

--Elephant earrings make a great gift for you Delta Sigma Theta little sister or big sister. I am amazed at the variety of elephant earrings that are offered for sale. Everyone can find a pair to suit her fancy.

--Plush elephants for Delta Sigma Theta
See my free directions for making a personalized necklace for your sorority mascot so that your generic elephant can become a Delta Sigma Theta elephant.

--Make a sorority meeting extra special by serving cookies made in the shapes of elephants. See these elephant cookie cutters If you enjoy making and eating cookies and you are a Delta Sigma Theta sister, making elephant cookies is a must! Turn your cookies into gifts by bagging them in plastic bags tied up with a red bow. Add a handmade tag and surprise your friends with a thoughtful and tasty gift!

--More Delta Sigma Theta Merchandise Bargains

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Delta Zeta Handpainted Totebag in Pink & Green

A tote bag becomes extra special when handpainted with a turtle and DZ letters
Canvas tote bags are available at most craft stores and can easily be painted with acrylic paint to represent your sorority. Give it a try!

Check out these other Delta Zeta sorority gift ideas.

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