Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pi Beta Phi -Paint a Sorority Gift Container

Pi Beta Phi sorority has an angel. Well actually, their mascot is an angel. This handpainted container turned out so cute. I found this at a sale (sorry, I didn't paint it myself). I really love the whimsical style of the Pi Beta Phi angel.

The box is not in perfect shape. You can see some scratches where something scratched the paint in a few places. Still, it is hand painted and darling. Check Sorority Gifts Etsy to see if it is available. It may be grabbed in a hurry so I apologize if it is gone when you check.

For those of you who like to make your own sorority gifts, this idea is inspiring - find a nice container and paint your mascot encircled with your Greek letters. It makes a fine sorority gifts that has a personal touch.
Notice how the Greek letters have a shadow painted behind the main color. This is a painting technique that is easy, but gives letters a more professional look - the touch of an artist.

What ideas do you have for handmade sorority gifts. Add a link to your creative sorority gift photo on my Sorority Sisters Facebook or your blog. Let us see.

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Andrea Kate said...

Love these gift ideas! They're so creative! If you're looking for more cute Pi Beta Phi goodies, Dormify has SUPER CUTE tanks, scarfs, totes, and decor that you'll love here:

They make great gifts for all sisters to enjoy!

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