Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inexpensive Sorority Gifts

Inexpensive Sorority Gifts -quick and easy greek gift for little of big sisters.

Here's a quick sorority gift idea for making an easy sorority notebook.  All you need is a colorful portfolio notebook or folder and acrylic paint to whip up one of these in no time flat!

Look for a notebook that represents one of your sorority colors. Find inspiration from an image that is not too difficult to draw and paint. I like to do a search on Google Images or Etsy for the sorority mascot or sorority symbol. Usually, I can find several good ideas to choose from these. I just print off a copy of the image that I like and adapt it to my needs, really making my own design that is inspired by the image. The great thing about creating your own sorority design is that your gift item is one of a kind, even the painting or drawing is your creation.

Sorority notebooks are a great place to stash all the sorority sheets that you need to keep up with, so make one for yourself and one for your little sister.  These also make great inexpensive sorority Christmas gifts if you want to give gifts to a lot of your sisters.

SororitySisters.net is a great resource for other inexpensive and handmade sorority gifts.

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