Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorority Girl Time: KD Sorority-Creating Sister Bonds

Big sisters and little sisters are always there for each other. I love this picture because of the Kappa Delta letters in the background and the green shirts show clearly that this is a picture of sorority sisters.

Send in you pictures of sorority sisters with Greek letters displayed somewhere in the picture and I will consider featuring your photo in a blog post.

Show forth the variety, enthusiasm, love, and friendship of sorority sisters in your Greek sorority. Send pictures to sororitygiftideas (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Thanks to JamiSierra.pr for her KD picture on Flickr! Add your comments to her photostream if you like it.


Keely said...

My sister is a KD at Ole Miss and I was a Chi Omega at The University of Alabama. Last year I started a vintage jewelry line and do a bunch of vintage/antique sorority jewelry. It is quite unique! check it out at malickandgrace.com

Marcelina said...

Hi ladies! If you are looking for something unique and handmade for your big or little sister, or something to use as an organization for scrapbooks and more, check out my etsy shop! it's dedicated to sororities and is completely new and different! please keep in mind that I do custom orders, too! So if your sisterhood isn't here, don't worry! Just send me a message! http://www.etsy.com/shop/heartmysisters

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