Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paint Your Sorority Bag

Here is an idea for a cute sorority gift that is relatively inexpensive. I bought this canvas bag at Hobby Lobby for half off. Hobby Lobby regularly has their canvas items for 1/2 price sales.

I pencil traced my turtle pattern and the letters for Delta Zeta on the canvas purse. Then I painted the turtle pink and green with acrylic paint and the "DZ" letters green. After the turtle and the letters were dry, I heat-pressed the design with an iron set on medium.

Be sure to cover the design with a piece of paper before applying heat. Heat it with the iron for about 10 seconds moving the iron over the paper. The heat will set the design so it does not wash out ( in this case, you probably won't be washing the bag, but setting the painted design with heat is something that I do by habit)

Lastly, I tied a pink ribbon around the handle of the sorority bag for a nice accent.

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