Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Iron On Greek Letters for Your Sorority Items

Make a sorority letter tote with these easy to apply iron-on Greek letters . You can find generic tote bags at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Just iron on your sorority letters to make a unique gift for a sister or for yourself.

These letters come in different styles as shown above, but you also can choose the fabric that you want them to be made from. The letters are made to order...your choice of style and your choice of fabric.

Choose from these fabric swatches for your custom made Greek letters:

If you have an iron, you can make a sorority tote bag that represents your sorority with these iron on letters.

If you would prefer to have a custom made totebag, you can order one! Pat has made hundreds of sorority totes by custom order. Her feedback is 100 percent positive so no need to worry about the outcome.

Now you can design your own sorority tote! Your design will be unique and customized to your specifications. Appliqued fabric symbols/letters, embroidered symbols/letters, embroidered sorority names in script or block lettering (all colors available). Tote bag fabrics are available in a variety of colors.

Your tote will be handmade not purchased, fully lined 12" by 14" denim or medium weight twill. Your Greek symbols will be machine sewn in your fabric selection and the style letters you want, 5 inch "bubble" or 4 inch "traditional" letters, and lined with the matching or color coordinated lining.

Besides the fabric choices that are shown above, Pat also has gingham checks, polka dots and solids in a wide range of colors. Your name, your big or little sis's name, or chapter name. (maximum eleven letters) can be embroidered on your tote to make it even more personalized. Shown are several totes that have been custom ordered.


Katherine said...

I love these letters, differnt fonts always make for unique gifts, but i'm really looking for 2-3" letters.

kari said...

how much are the letters by themselves? and how much are the custom bags by pat? thanks!

Julie said...

Pat's letters go for $3 each on eBay Buy it Now. Buying more than one letter in an auction can cost less. As far as the custom bags, it appears Pat is not offering them at this time. Perhaps she is on vacation and will offer them for order again soon. I hope so.

Thanks for visiting my Sorority Sisters blog.


Brooke said...

Do you have iron on symbols? (for example, a key or owl for Kappa)

Julie said...

I have only seen the Greek letters available in iron on.

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