Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make a Handpainted Delta Zeta Picture Frame with Turtle

This Delta Zeta Picture frame was made as a sample for this blog.

You Can Make One!!

Here is a hand-crafted gift that is easy to make for a sorority gift.

Recycle a picture frame and make it into a very special Big Sister/Little Sister sorority gift.

Here are some TIPS to get you started:

This picture frame was already painted olive green.

If the frame you have available is not the color that you want, or if it is scratched, etc. in need of paint.....simply paint it with acrylic paint which is available for less than one dollar. The black foam "brushes" work great for a project like this one and they, too, are very inexpensive.

I used some acid free white cardstock paper to sketch a little turtle. I colored him with colored pencils and then cut him out. I glued him to the mat that was already a part of my frame.

Try to use what you have, but you can buy different colored mats in standard sizes at craft stores.

The rest of the design is painted with acrylic paints onto the frame and then sprayed with crystal clear varnish (varnish is optional, but helps to preserve your work)

If you are not confident using paintbrushes, you can use paint pens for a very good effect. Practice the way you are going to write, first on paper before you actually paint or write on your frame. This helps prevent an undesired outcome.

Embellish your written design with some little hand painted flowers. Use the end of the paint brush to dip in the paint to make the dots of the flower. Then add stems and leaves with green paint. These, too, can be painted with paint pens if you don't like to use paintbrushes.

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