Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unique Sorority Ribbon Makes Special Sorority Gifts

Suppose you could find ribbon designed with your sorority colors and letters. If you had some bright colored ribbon with your Greek letters, you could make regular gifts into special sorority gifts by tying on a ribbon bow.

You are in luck because sorority ribbon is available for sale at Greekgear. Make sorority candy jars with a sorority ribbon bow...or tie a sorority bow around a vase and fill it with a bouquet of flowers.

Sorority ribbon comes in 10 yard rolls! great for decorating that special gift, your hair or whatever your imagination can dream up. The Sorority ribbon comes in the sororities colors.

Another idea is making ribbon bracelets.
You can use velcro dots for closure OR you can use jewelry craft clasps or closures for an even nicer bracelets. The sorority ribbon would make your handmade bracelet an instant hit.

Making your own little sister gifts saves money and gives something of yourself as you put time and effort into making something special for your friend.

The following photo shows sorority candy jars with plain ribbon. The ribbon with the sorority design would make your jar especially nice.

Greekgear has the best of sorority gifts. Everything you need for your favorite sorority girl. Shipping is only $5.95 no matter how much you get, so the bigger your order, the more you will save on shipping.

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