Monday, March 31, 2008

Georgia Southern Phi Mu Ladybug Gift Idea

Any Phi Mu sorority sisters from Georgia Southern?

If so, you will enjoy this post featuring a gift idea with your local mascot, the ladybug.

This is a matted picture of a ladybug with the saying,
"Phi Mu is full of bugs and kisses"

DIRECTIONS: for Phi Mu Ladybug matted picture (hand-drawn and hand-painted)
See picture at top of post.

  • You need a basic mat-this one is 5" X 7" with a round opening, but a rectangle will work, too.
  • Actually, a pink mat would be prettiest if you can find one.
  • Use any kind of art paper or even cardstock.
  • With a pencil, lightly draw your ladybug (it will probably turn out better than you expect!)
  • If you mess up, just erase and continue until you are happy with the drawing.
  • Use water color paints or colored pencils or even crayons to lightly color your drawing.
  • Use a fine sharpie pen or a scrapbooking fine felt tip pen to outline your drawing and to add the Phi Mu saying.
  • Tape your painting to the back of the mat AND it is ready to give to your big or little sister.

Ladybug earrings for Phi Mu and Alpha Sigma Alpha

Stuffed ladybug mascots

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