Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Delta Zeta-Handpainted Little Sister Gifts

All of these items in the picture are easy to make. The turtles are very simply painted, but the effect is pleasing. Delta Zeta sisters that like to make their own sorority gifts will see that these gift items would be fairly easy to make. Get some acrylic paints or paint pens and see what you can do.

Try painting mini turtles on foam star stickers. OR

Use pink scrapbooking paper to cover a nut or coffee can. Then decorated with a turtle cut from paper. OR

Make your on DZ turtle gift bags from simple white lunch bags. Punch holes at the top of the bag to thread ribbon through and finish by tying the ribbon into a bow.

If you try any of my ideas, I would love for you to attach a picture of your creation to an email for me ( see sidebar for my email link)

Relax.....turtles are fun to paint. You will love it!!


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