Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu Lion Gift Bags

I was so happy when a saw a beautiful LION stencil at my local craft store. I often paint lions that are cute, but this lion stencil is regal. The blue bags are not the right color blue for ADII (Alpha Delta Pi) but the result is very pretty.

I stenciled some white bags for Phi Mu.

Though the picture doesn't show it, I finish gift bags by punching 2 holes at the top of the bag with a hole puncher. I take a length of ribbon, run the ribbon through the holes and tie a pretty bow to seal the bag with a gift inside.

Instead of stencils, bags can be decorated with stickers, markers, or simple painted designs. The possibilities are endless. These bags are lunch bag size, but you can purchase solid colored gift bags with handles for 50 cents and make them truly beautiful with a little decoration. Gifts that you put time and effort into mean the most!!

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