Monday, March 24, 2008

Delta Sigma Theta Gift Idea....Elephant Earrings!

Welcome Delta Sigma Theta sisters! I have noticed that a lot of visitors to this blog come through Delta Sigma Theta searches on Google. I only have one post before this one that is for Delta Sigma Theta, so I wanted to add some ideas for you who come visit.

Finding unique gift ideas for sister gifts can be easy if you look for your elephant mascot. Every gift that you give does not have to have your Greek letters on it, like the earrings shown above; but many gifts can be made special by adding the letters. Suppose you find a red plastic trash can decorated with a painted elephant, you might want to use your paint pens to write your Greek letters on it. Personalize it further by writing "Little Sis Hername" on it too. This is very easy to do and makes your gift one of a kind. So just be on the lookout for elephants and you will find all kinds of ideas. Just search for elephants to get started with ideas.

Have you seen the wide variety of elephant earrings available? These make great little sister gifts

Red is one of Delta Sigma Theta's sorority colors, and it is also a great accent color for decorating a room or for your wardrobe. It is fun to browse through the large selection of RED purses and search for one that best suits your taste and represents the color red for Delta Sigma Theta.

This blog offers many ideas for sorority gifts that you can make yourself. Just substitute your elephant mascot & sorority symbols for the mascots and symbols presented, to adapt them for Delta Sigma Theta.

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