Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Decorated Sorority Candy Jar: Fun & Easy to Make

A decorated jar of candy always makes a welcome sorority gift. This is such an easy way to express your love and friendship for your little sister. Also, sorority candy jars are easy to make in quantity if you need several gifts.

1. Find or buy a jar.
Both of the jars in the picture came from my kitchen. The jar on the left is a canning jar and the one on the right previously held apple sauce.

2. Use your jar top as a template to draw a circle of the right size on art paper.

3. Draw a simple sorority design inside the circle OR if you like to use rubber stamps, buy one of your sorority mascot. I used a teddy bear stamp for Kappa Delta and a lion stamp for Phi Mu. Most craft stores carry a good selection of stamps. Be on the lookout for your perfect mascot stamp. After inking your stamp, press stamp firmly in the center of your drawn circle. When the ink is dry, color the design lightly with colored pencils (I like Primacolor, but any brand will do)

4. Cut out the circle. Glue to the top of the jar or if you are using a canning jar, insert on top of the seal and under the screwed on ring.

5. Beautiful ribbon is easy to find in solid colors or patterns like the pink and white stripe for Phi Mu in the picture above. Ribbon of a coordinating color tied in a neat bow tops off the candy jar. Check JoAnns.com for ribbon and for all your sewing and craft needs:CLICK HERE

There! You have made a ready gift.

Greek Impressions is a small online company that offers beautiful stamps. Take a look at what Malia and Mai offer on their site: giraffes, anchors, squirrels, owls, turtles, penguins, and so many others. They would love to have your input as they decide on future designs.

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